Lunch Break: How To Eat Better At Work?

When working, it can be difficult to keep a good nutritional balance (traveling, lack of time, fast food restaurants nearby, snacking, etc.). It is important to pay attention to your diet, without ceasing to indulge yourself. How to eat better at work and enjoy the lunch break?

Duration of the lunch break

When an employee has worked for 6 continuous hours, he must have a break of at least 20 minutes. The lunch break is considered a break time. Often, the rules applicable to meal breaks are indicated in the collective agreement or collective agreement: the time allowed can then be 30 minutes and 2 hours. When the legal or conventional break time is granted, the employer fulfills his obligations.

Take time for lunch

It’s not just a matter of choosing your meal, you also have to take your time to eat . A meal should last an average of 20 and 30 minutes for satiety to kick in. Chewing well and eating slowly allows for better digestion and less bloating.

If you have little time to eat, consider bringing your cooked meal the day before, which you will just have to reheat. Also, you can occasionally buy or prepare a balanced sandwich: for example, favor raw vegetables (tomatoes, cucumber, pickles, etc.), cheese spread rather than butter.

Bring your meal

As soon as possible, opt for a self-prepared meal: leftovers from dinner, a quick meal cooked the night before or the same day if you have a kitchen at work. Prepared industrial meals, salads in trays or sandwiches in sachets should be avoided as much as possible. Indeed these are generally too fatty, too salty and full of preservatives: therefore worse for health. In addition, cooking yourself is more economical. If you run out of ideas, you are bound to find a new one while surfing the web.

Do not stay at your desk

On the one hand, it is not recommended to do several things at the same time: eating in front of the computer is therefore not recommended, such as checking your phone or watching TV. Stay calm and enjoy. On the other hand, whenever you have the chance, disconnect: take a walk outside, go window shopping, meet a loved one, play sports, read … This will allow you to be more motivated for the afternoon.

Eat with colleagues

More than 60% of French employees eat lunch with their colleagues. If there is a good understanding, sharing this moment together can make it easier to appreciate it. It is also a way to get to know each other, to strengthen ties and thus make teamwork more effective.

Absence Due To Illness Or Accident

In this post, we will tell you what to do with sickness and accident absences. For the employee as for the employer, it is important to know them if one of the cases arises.

Absence for physical or psychological illness

There are symptoms that allow us to continue working, but sometimes this is not possible.

  • The absence, generally lasting between 2 and 10 days except in more serious cases, must be justified by a medical certificate.
  • The employer must be notified within 48 hours of this absence, as well as of its extension. Types 1 and 2 of the judgment should be forwarded to the Health Insurance Fund, the 3 rd to the employer. It is necessary to repeat the operation in the event of prolongation.
  • If incapacity has been noted or if absences are numerous and frequent, dismissal may be authorized.

Absence due to occupational disease

This is an absence due to illness linked to difficult working conditions (prolonged efforts, stress, etc.).

  • A request for reimbursement from the health insurance fund must be made within 15 days of stopping work. It must include the “Declaration of occupational disease” form completed and signed (given by the doctor or to be downloaded from and parts 1 and 2 of the medical certificate. The 3 rd is to keep in case of work stoppage and the 4 th is to be forwarded to the employer.
  • Then, a salary certificate issued by the company must be given to the fund, in order to calculate the daily allowances.
  • In the event of repeated absences and incapacity, the employer may proceed with reclassification or dismissal.

Absence for work and travel accidents

The work accident occurs in the course of professional activity. A commuting accident represents an accident that occurs during the return journey to the place of work and home or the place of work and the usual place of catering.

  • The employer cannot proceed with a dismissal if the accident renders the employee unfit or if there is no reclassification possible
  • In order to avoid any accident, preventive safety measures must be put in place and any risks must be communicated to employees.
  • The employee has 24 hours to notify the company, indicating the location, the circumstances of the accident and the identity of any witnesses. He will have to consult a doctor who will produce a medical certificate. The first two are the certificate for the Health Insurance Fund, the 3 rd to keep the 4 th to the employer. Extension certificates are to be produced if necessary. When the injury is treated, a medical certificate describing the possible sequelae is drawn up.

The employer declares the accident to Social Security within 48 hours. He sends the employee an accident sheet valid until the end of treatment and ensuring free treatment.